Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Will's rhyming poem

Will wrote a funny poem about a Tasmanian devil. I like the way he used the word trotting instead of walking.

What do you like about his poem?

Roy's silly monkey poem

Roy wrote a great poem about a silly monkey. I like the way it made me laugh and the great smooth talking voice Roy used when he was reading his poem.

What do you like about Roy's poem?

Mikayla's witchy poem

Mikayla wrote a great 5W poem. My favourite part was when the witch was chasing her.

What do you like about her poem?

Luke's fantastic poem

Luke wrote a fantastic poem. My favourite line was "Scoping the yard for something scrumptious to eat."

What did you like about Luke's poem?

Jade's strange 5W poem

Jade's poem is interesting because strange things happen!

What do you like about Jade's poem?

Isabell's decriptive 5W poem

Isabell wrote a lovely poem about a cat.

I like the way she used describing words like short-haired and dark.

What do you like about her writing?

Brooke's funny 5W poem

Brooke wrote this poem to get the reader to laugh.

I like that this poem's ending is not what I expected. It gave me a funny surprise!

What do you like about this poem?

Savanna's descriptive 5W poem

Savanna wrote this lovely poem.

I like the way she used interesting words like deep, cold, and grey.

What do you like about her poem?

Saturday, 23 November 2013

We had a fantastic time at the Wetlands!

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Dip netting to find insects and other pond life
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Using a magnifying glass to look at the insects we caught

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Using the microscopes to look very closely at the tiny insects we caught. 

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The poster some of our students made to thank our wetlands teachers

Exploring Plants at inquiry time

We are learning about living things this term. We did an experiment to help us learn more about the parts of a plant and what plants need to survive.

Here are some photos of us using our scientific skills of observation to look closely at what makes up a plant.

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First we predicted what we thought would happen during the experiment.
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Our experiment: Set up and ready for action!

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Lila is looking very closely at a part of the plant. 

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Look at what Lara found in the plant!